Industrial automation

We are working in Industry 4.0, which vision is that in the future, industrial enterprises will build global networks to connect their machines, factories and warehouses as cyber-physical systems that will intelligently connect and control otherwise through the exchange of information that triggers action.

Industry 4.0 supports decentralization, which allows different smart factory systems to make decisions autonomously, without deviating from the path to a single, ultimate organizational goal.

The efforts we make are as focused as possible on doing everything in real time, everything is needed to ensure that the production process collects data, and that feedback and process monitoring is also achieved in real time.

A wide range of services for automation of production processes includes: programming of industrial PLC controllers, HMI machine control panels, development of SCADA systems for plant management. Pneumatics, mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, mechatronics. We develop schemes, model, prototype, sample, industrial solution, we approach each Client individually.




The main elements of the system are:

- control devices;
- process visualization devices;
- executive mechanisms;
- information collection devices;
- means of information transmission;
- protection devices;
- fasteners.

We develop, program, install and upgrade automatic systems of various types of complexity from simple (control of one mechanism) to complex (which combine different areas of activity and work without operator intervention). A feature of our systems is reliability and ease of maintenance.


To configure the algorithms of operation of motors (depending on the type of motor) we use frequency converters, soft starts and motor controllers from different manufacturers: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Festo, Danfos, Mitsubishi and many others.

Our advantages are:

- we have extensive experience in designing automated systems using private equipment;
- we develop new systems, and also we find systems which are already put into operation;
- we provide service support for maintenance and monitoring.


We provide a service for programming two types of controllers:
- microcontrollers;
- industrial controllers.

Controller - a microprocessor device that performs:
- collection of information from sensors and other microprocessor devices;
- signal processing;
- transmission of signals to actuators;
- signal transmission to a higher level of control.

We select and program the controller, develop programs of different complexity (from on / off, to PID control and synchronization of mechanisms). We create individual solutions to customer orders.


HMI is a device with a screen that allows the operator to monitor the status and control the system. There are different sizes and configurations, with and without additional keys, touch with resistive or capacitive screen.


SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - monitoring and data collection) - a complex software package designed to collect, process and store information in real time.

SCADA is developed individually for each individual object, with its own characteristics. The object in this case can be a separate machine (machine), line, shop, enterprise, and a group of enterprises.

We work with SCADA from different developers under different operating systems. Our specialists will help you choose, install and configure the optimal SCADA system. They will select the optimal "iron" for the system and organize the work of the control point.

Internet of Things

IoT - we use to monitor, measure and comprehend the eternal movement of the world and everything we do. The data generated by the Internet of Things allows us to explore more deeply the physical connections, human behavior, and even the physical aspects of our planet and universe.

The main feature of the Internet of Things system is that it uses real-time data and analytics to determine consumer preferences. The manufacturer or seller can quickly make adjustments according to changes in sales and consumption.

Our company has experience in designing and implementing projects for monitoring and management of industrial facilities. We develop, install and configure systems that allow you to manage and track objects through a web-server or mobile application.


Machine vision uses image analysis to solve industrial problems. It can significantly increase the productivity and quality of products. The system is able to process not only flat but also three-dimensional images.

Technical vision systems are used for:

- quality checks;
- detection of marriage;
- correct positioning of parts;
- product sorting;
- reading barcodes (QR-codes);
- robotics.

The use of these systems makes it possible to:
- to improve the quality of production (to prevent the marriage from reaching the next stage of production, or to the consumer);
- increase the speed of production.

Automatic cabinets

We create control panels for various technological and industrial processes.

Power cabinets, relay protection panels, automation cabinets, video surveillance can be made of materials of well-known world brands and Ukrainian manufacturers.

Execution of the order includes the whole process: from design work (3D models, diagrams) to finished products and commissioning at the site.


Mechatronics is a branch that combines mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics. Mechatronic device is a device that organically combines nodes from different systems, with intelligent control.

Our company is part of a team of engineers in mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics engaged in the development, manufacture, installation and configuration of mechatronic devices.

We will design and manufacture a mechanism that will meet your needs.


We have extensive experience in the design and installation of conveyor systems.

We implement systems of varying complexity: from a single conveyor with simple control from the remote control to automatic lines, which contain elements of quality control, rejection, loading into mechanisms, and others that are required to perform the process.

If conveyor systems are located on different levels or floors of the building, we install a system of elevators that move products between these levels.

We can offer different implementation options, and different control schemes for these systems.


Pneumatics are often used in enterprises.

Advantages of pneumatic systems:
- as a result of damage, the emission substance is air;
- high speed;
- reliability;
- do not create noise.

Disadvantage is require a compressor unit.

In the selection of pneumatic mechanisms must take into account the force of pressure and air flow.

Our engineers have extensive experience from equipment design and selection, to commissioning, and troubleshooting of existing systems.


Hydraulic systems are often used in industry. The advantages include:
- high force (compared to pneumatic systems);
- reliability;
- smooth operation;
- significant service life.

- the possibility of leakage;
- availability of oil station.

We develop hydraulic systems together with a reliable partner NAK.
Our engineers have extensive experience from equipment design and selection, to commissioning, and troubleshooting of existing systems.


We make service not only objects or systems that we program and develop, but also completely new objects, where automation systems are implemented. This is a timely check of all modes of operation, including emergency.

Verification of correct reading of data, their processing and archiving, correct and timely transfer of this data from remote points to the central server.

Maintenance of information networks. Uninterruptible power supply and cooling of control panels. Support for PLC, HMI, SCADA, mechatronic devices, IoT, conveyors, soft starters, frequency converters, generators, excitation systems.

We are updating the software.