Grain dryer

Grain dryers of the conveyor type of continuous work of a double stream.
Ideal for small and large farms, seed plants.
Suitable for drying various crops - sunflower, canola, corn, lupine, soybeans, other cereals.
You don`t need to empty the dryer to change the products intended for drying. Grain batches can follow one another. No waste of time and no waste of energy.

Ability to configure four parameters to control the drying process:

  • chain speed,
  • the thickness of the product layer,
  • drying temperature,
  • volume of air.


Material we use is certified European steel.

To increase the wear resistance of the product, surfacing is welded and heat treated.

The blade of the knife is sharp throughout its service life thanks to the self-sharpening edge processing system. 


During building animal farms, it is important to have a reliable supplier to manufacture and install quality equipment.
It can be divided into the following types:

  • equipment for maintenance (boxes, fencing);
  • feeding equipment (bunkers, feeders);
  • drinking equipment;
  • equipment for manure removal, etc.

It is important to use quality equipment at all stages of the livestock farm, which guarantees the coordinated work of the entire livestock complex.


We designed and manufactured an octagonal reaper and corn harvesting equipment. The reaper provides high speed of mowing and continuous harvesting. It allows the combine operator to move in different directions without reducing the productivity of harvesting equipment.


Mill - a machine or apparatus for grinding bulk materials. For a full cycle of work with bulk materials the complex of the equipment for cleaning of grain, grinding, sifting and transportation is necessary. All mechanisms of the mill are mounted on a special prefabricated metal frame on two floors, as a result of which there is no need to build a special building. The control of the technological equipment of the mill can be carried out from the control panel. Due to the full automation and mechanization of the technological process of grinding grain to maintain the mills do not require a large number of workers to perform the work.

We develop equipment and structures made of metal for mills of different types: drum or gravity; centrifugal; vibrating; pendulum; jet, drum (ball, rod), trumpet, conical, self-grinding, roller (roller-ring, ball-ring, roller-cup, roller-disk), percussion-centrifugal, millstones.

Our designers and design engineers have considerable experience in the design and construction of equipment and metal structures for the full cycle of the mill.


Our specialists design, develop, manufacture, install presses for various purposes: waste paper, cardboard, PET bottles, aluminum cans and other industrial waste.

Currently, the main consumers of the press are small and medium-sized private enterprises, plants and factories, which face the problem of large amounts of production waste and garbage.

The press reduces waste by at least 5 times. The use of the press allows to save on storage and transportation of solid household waste and secondary raw materials, makes garbage removal cheaper.